Jan 262015
Boreal Winter - Black and White, Day and Night

Welcome to the Alaska interior, welcome to the boreal forest. This is a unique biome. Coniferous trees dominate the landscape, yet stands of birch and aspen remain plentiful in many places. The leafy trees love the sunny southern slopes. Permafrost stunts tree growth over large areas, especially in valleys and depressions. Branches, leaves, and needles don’t spread far from the trunks. Walking in the woods, I can almost always find . . . read more

Jan 232015
Photo of the week -- "2 PM"

We’re just about a month past the winter solstice, but the sun still doesn’t get very high in the sky. The Sun peeks through the trees about an hour after solar noon and only half-an-hour until sunset. Actually, on this day the sun only rose to 5° above the horizon. This was taken on one of the many trails on the University of Alaska campus in Fairbanks. It’s nice that . . . read more

Jan 152015
Photo of the week — “Northern Lights”

After about 20 minutes of bright aurora bands filling the sky, it seemed like the display was fading, the brightest bands dwindling off into the southern sky. Then, on the eastern horizon this band re-formed, condensed, brightened, and a loop pushed up and overhead. This was an awesome show! Technical notes Nikon D7000 Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC Lens for Nikon Focal Length:  17 mm ISO:           3200 Aperture:      . . . read more

Jan 082015
The week when the northern lights wouldn't quit

Where do I even begin? I mean, the title kind of says it all. As I sit here writing, I am purely exhausted. I was driving to the post office this morning and heard a piece on NPR about how incredibly important it is get 8 hours of sleep every day and how every part of our life suffers, physically and mentally when we don’t. I’m must not operating correctly . . . read more

Jan 072015
Photo of the week -- "Aurora Landscape"

Everything was so still. Except for the sky. The sky was crawling. The cold snow crunched beneath my feet with every step. The ice in my beard grew thicker with every breath. I would have been cold if it were not for the adrenaline surging through my body. This was a spectacular night. I’ve been waiting for the right conditions to create a black and white photo set of the . . . read more

Jan 042015
Aurora borealis and a full moon

Sitting at the computer last night, I had given up any hope that we’d have any good aurora this weekend, so I started writing a trip plan for 2015. I flipped to my tab with the RGB real-time camera stationed at Poker Flat in Chatanika and the sky suddenly turned green. Only a few minutes before it was blank. I grabbed my camera and tripod and ran out the door, . . . read more

Jan 012015
Photo of the Week -- "Snowy Blues"

My last “photo of the week” for 2014 . . . I’m crazily excited to see what 2015 will bring! The “blue hour” – that period of twilight before the sun rises and after it sets; there’s still enough sunlight scattering in the air overhead to drown the forest in blue hues. In the evening the planets and stars start to slowly appear and twinkle in the sky. The southern . . . read more

Dec 282014
Pine Grosbeak

This is the first year we’ve had pine grosbeaks regularly at the feeder, sometimes up to 6 at a time. It’s been at least 8 days in a row now, so I’m hopeful they’ll be hanging around for the winter. They’re a nice break from the redpolls and chickadees. We don’t get a lot of birds that stick out the winter here so it’s nice to be seeing some variety. . . . read more

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Dec 272014
Photo of the Week -- "Big Dipper and Aurora"

The big dipper and north star is the subject of the Flag of Alaska (designed by 13 year old Benny Benson in 1927, when Alaska was still a territory). I thought it would be nice to have an aurora photo with the constellation as a centerpiece. Taken on Murphy Dome. Nikon D7000 sigma 17-50 mm f/2.8 ex dc os hsm Focal Length:  17 mm ISO:           1600 Aperture:      f/2.8 . . . read more

Dec 222014
Winter Solstice Light

Fairbanks is dark in the winter. The official length of the day on the winter solstice is 3 hours, 41 minutes, and some change. Luckily, we benefit from having a lot of twilight, long sunrises and sunsets, and the northern lights. The brilliant color certainly makes up for the lack of daylight. It never hurts to add some color of our own. Our winter morning skies start to take on . . . read more

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