My name is Lee Petersen. I am a photographer, writer, climber and climbing coach, outdoorsman, cook, and scientist. Here is my full résumé with more information than you want to know about me.

I’ve always loved photography. In 2011 I finally made the jump from film to my first DSLR. After posting many of my photos on Flickr, I began to get messages and e-mails asking for permission to use my photos to make prints and canvases or to use commercially. A few of my photos have been featured on NPR’s The Picture Show, The Matador Network, as an Earth Science Picture of the Day [2], in the Valdez Museum & Historical Archive, and in the Journal of Arts & Communities.

This website is dedicated mainly to my professional interests in photography and writing, although other things occasionally spill in. It contains a guide of things to do in Fairbanks and Alaska as well as instruction on my techniques in photography. It started as a personal blog, and those archives also remain here.