First of all, thanks for visiting!

This blog has gone through some changes the last few years: from a personal blog for family and friends, to a photo-blog geared toward no one in particular, and has finally become my “anything goes” blog with absolutely no focus. I’ve started doing a “photo of the week”, I’ll post some photography and FOSS editing tips here, I’ll write about Alaska, travel, adventure, getting in trouble, and maybe my dinner here. If you want straight-up photos – check out my other site:

Some disclaimers: I don’t do photography professionally. This isn’t my job, it’s just something I enjoy. After posting many of my photos on flickr for some time I began to get messages and e-mails to use my photos to make prints and canvases or to use commercially. A few of my photos have been featured on NPR’s The Picture Show, The Matador Network, as an Earth Science Picture of the Day, and in the Journal of Arts & Communities.

I also am not responsible for things like personal and equipment safety. Sure, I take my camera out in -50° weather in the heart of Alaska, but please understand that if you choose to do the same you do so at your own risk. Equipment and electronics failure, as well as loss of limbs, severe hypothermia, death, animal encounters/attacks, falling in crevasses/moulins, avalanches, rockslides, accidental trespassing encounters with miners/mean homesteaders, are all on the short list of things that can go wrong. Always remember to do diligent research, spend time preparing, and be safe when photographing in the field, anywhere.

Again, thanks for coming!

Lee Petersen