Hiking in Alaska can be an incredibly unique and rewarding experience of a lifetime. Alaska is over 660,000 square miles open tundra, alpine terrain, and boreal forest. And in all of it, there are very few trails. Here you often have the opportunity to wander at your heart’s content, to set out on your own tracks on routes that no one has ever done before.

Here I’ve highlighted some areas, hikes, routes, and trails to help get you started. This guide just began this year, but it is growing fast. Consider subscribing for updates and for information on other projects I’m working on. This content is just a small part of a larger Alaska Guide with as much info as I can gather on interesting places and activities in the state.

A moulin on the Worthington Glacier
Worthington Glacier Hikes

Description for a few backcountry hikes possible near the Worthington Glacier starting at 2-miles and up. Maps, photos, and information.

Reflection at Horseshoe Lake, one of the Denali National Park Entrance Trails
Denali National Park Entrance Trails

Map and descriptions for numerous trails near the entrance and Visitor Center to Denali National Park. Trails for all walkers and hikers.

Gorgeous and endless views of the White Mountains from the summit
McManus Mountain Hike

McManus Mountain is an excellent hike through tundra and alpine terrain near the twelve-mile summit off the Steese Highway. The area is covered in wildflowers...

Mt. Prindle and Wind Chimes, large tors on a ridge
Mt. Prindle via Nome Creek

Trail description and map for a popular 2-3 day hike up Mt. Prindle from Nome Creek in the White Mountain National Recreation Area. Great views...

denali viewed from the thorofare ridge
Mt. Thoro and Thorofare Ridge – Hiking Guide

Route information for hiking Mt. Thoro and the Thorofare Ridge. Both hikes are off-trail, although fairly easy to navigate through rocky alpine tundra.

Twin Bears Trails
Twin Bears Trails

The Twin Bears Trail is a relatively easy day hike at mile 29.5 Chena Hot Springs Road. The approximately 5-mile hike gains over 1300 ft....

Caribou running across alpine tundra at the top of the Eielson Alpine Trail
Eielson Alpine Trail – Denali National Park Hiking

The Eielson Alpine Trail is a short, steep hike at the Eielson Visitor Center in Denali National Park. Great views of the mountain and wildlife...

College Glacier – Hiking Guide
College Glacier – Hiking Guide

Info on hiking College Creek to College Glacier near the Hoodoos on the southern part of the Delta Mountains in the Alaska Range. Good backcountry...

Teklanika Foothills Hike
Teklanika Foothills Hike

A fun, short (~5 mile), back-country, off-trail hike in the Teklanika foothills in Denali National Park. Open tundra and great views of Double Mountain!

Wickersham Dome Trail
Wickersham Dome Trail

Wickersham Dome Trail is a 6-7 mile out-and-back hike that travels through boreal forest to rocky alpine tundra. Great day hike near Fairbanks, Alaska.

Table Top Mountain Trail
Table Top Mountain Trail

Table Top Mountain Trail is a 3.5-mile hike with a short extension to the summit of a treeless, mesa-like mountain with great views of the...

Gulkana Glacier Hike
Gulkana Glacier Hike

The Gulkana Glacier area has much to offer, including day-hiking, backpacking or mountaineering expeditions, or just a roadside view of the glacier.

Healy Overlook Trail
Healy Overlook Trail

The Healy Overlook Trail is a steep yet well-maintained, easy-to-follow, and relatively short 4.7-mile hike and offers gorgeous Alaska Range views.

Granite Tors Trail
Granite Tors Trail

Hiking guide to the 15-mile Granite Tors Loop in the Chena River State Rec Area. A moderately intense day hike or overnight hike amongst granite...

Castner Glacier – Hiking Guide
Castner Glacier – Hiking Guide

A casual back-country day hike to a large glacier, or start of a mountaineering adventure, the Castner Glacier offers great hikes and views of ice...

Savage Alpine Trail
Savage Alpine Trail

The Savage Alpine Trail is a 6.5-mile loop or 4.2-mile point-to-point day hike in Denali National Park with beautiful alpine vistas and valley views.

Looking over Exit Glacier and into the Harding Icefield from the Harding Icefield Trail
Harding Icefield Trail

Hiking guide with photos to the Harding Icefield Trail in the Kenai Fjords National Park near Seward, Alaska. Easily one of the most stunning hikes...

The terminus of the Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park
Exit Glacier Trails

Fed by the 700 square miles (1813 square km) Harding Icefield in the Kenai Mountains, Exit Glacier is one of the most accessible glaciers in...

Supraglacial stream in the Alaska Range
Canwell Glacier and Rainbow Basin – Hiking Guide

The Canwell Glacier is an approximately 10-mile long valley glacier on the south side of the Delta Mountains in the Eastern Alaska Range. It is...

The landscape at Angel Rocks
Angel Rocks – Trail Guide

The hike is steep, but not for long. It’s just less than 1-mile of climbing, and the steepest section is very short-lived at about 0.4-miles....

Boardwalk at Creamer's Field in Fairbanks, Alaska
Creamer’s Field

Creamer's Field - Migratory Waterfowl Refuge is a 2,200-acre wildlife refuge on a historic (non-operating) dairy farm. It is open to the public for walking...

Rocky landscape over the Savage River in Denali National Park
Savage River Day-hike

The Savage River Loop is a 1.7 mile long well-maintained trail in Denali National Park that begins at the Savage River parking lot. It's a...

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