Northern Lights Alaska – My photo and video blog from some of the nice aurora borealis displays over Alaska

Aurora Borealis – February 19-21, 2021
Posted by Lee Petersen | February 21, 2021
Aurora Borealis – February 19-21, 2021

Aurora borealis displays February 19-21 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Geomagnetic storms sparked from a fast solar wind from a coronal hole have provided us with great northern lights!

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Aurora at Angel Rocks
Posted by Lee Petersen | February 2, 2017
Yikes . . . Has it really been this long?! Spring in Alaska

It sure doesn't feel like it, but it's been over a year since I've published a blog-post. I've still been writing, editing, and updating, but not publishing new things. I've...

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Alignment of Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Moon with Aurora Borealis
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 28, 2016
Aurora Borealis – October 6, 2015 – Planetary Alignment!

I woke up early to photograph a cool planetary alignment of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter with a quarter moon. I lucked out because the aurora was still going strong at...

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Posted by Lee Petersen | December 6, 2015
Aurora Borealis – September 11, 2015

The first impressive aurora borealis display I witnessed this season was shortly after midnight on September 11. It broke up fairly quickly, becoming diffuse, but it was brilliant for about...

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Aurora borealis from the Granite Tors Trail.
Posted by Lee Petersen | March 28, 2015
Two nights on the Tors trail

Ghostly aurora from the Granite Tors Trail | Purchase Print I'm awakened in the night by a shiver. I have somehow found my way deep in my sleeping bag, sticking...

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Northern lights over forest. Fairbanks, AK
Posted by Lee Petersen | February 8, 2015
Northern Lights – February 1st, 2015

The morning of disappointing, disappearing aurora Jenn and I managed to do a bit of aurora watching in mild(er) temperatures early in the morning on February 1st. I had been...

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Incredible northern lights display over a snow-clad forest in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Posted by Lee Petersen | January 26, 2015
Boreal Winter – Black and White, Day and Night

Welcome to the Alaska interior, welcome to the boreal forest. This is a unique biome. Coniferous trees dominate the landscape, yet stands of birch and aspen remain plentiful in many...

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The week when the northern lights wouldn’t quit
Posted by Lee Petersen | January 8, 2015
The week when the northern lights wouldn’t quit

Purchase Print Where do I even begin? I mean, the title kind of says it all. As I sit here writing, I am purely exhausted. I was driving to the...

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Aurora Landscape in Black and White. A gorgeous moonlit boreal forest in Fairbanks under a sky filled with aurora.
Posted by Lee Petersen | January 7, 2015
Photo of the week — “Aurora Landscape”

“Aurora Landscape” — photo of the week ending January 3, 2015 Everything was so still. Except for the sky. The sky was crawling. The cold snow crunched beneath my feet...

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Aurora borealis over a moonlit and snow-covered boreal forest in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Posted by Lee Petersen | January 4, 2015
Aurora borealis and a full moon

Sitting at the computer last night, I had given up any hope that we'd have any good aurora this weekend, so I started writing a trip plan for 2015. I...

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