Northern Lights Alaska – My photo and video blog from some of the nice aurora borealis displays over Alaska

Posted by Lee Petersen | January 9, 2011
Aurora Time Lapse

Another cloudy night gave way to a short auroral show last night. Fairbanks just hasn't been getting the luck that Scandinavia and Greenland have lately. The Sun has been pretty...

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Posted by Lee Petersen | January 7, 2011
Lucky Break

Amidst all the clouds and snowing last night, we did get a short reprieve where the clouds broke and the sky opened up for about five minutes to show what...

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Posted by Lee Petersen | November 12, 2010
Finally a Few Aurora Photos from Murphy Dome

I took a drive out to Murphy Dome earlier tonight to take some pictures. It was a little eerie walking around in the dark by myself on top of the...

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