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What Causes the Aurora

A basic, yet comprehensive explanation of what causes the aurora. Tying together the solar wind, geomagnetic field, Van Allen belts, atomic energy states, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Viewing and Photographing the Northern Lights
Viewing and Photographing the Northern Lights

There's perhaps no bigger draw to the far northern latitudes in winter than the chance to see the aurora borealis. It's understandable. The phenomenon is stunning. Some of the best places to see it include Iceland, Greenland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Northern Canada and of course, Alaska, which are already gorgeous locations on their own. This...

aurora borealis from Granite Tors
Focus and Setup for Aurora and Night Photography

It’s dark. Your autofocus is not going to work the way you think it is. Unless you believe it’s not going to work. Then you are right. For aurora photography, I am usually shooting at my lowest f-stop, so the depth-of-field is not great. Focus on the foreground will lead to blurry stars and blurry...

Camera Settings For Aurora Photography – How to Take Great Northern Lights Photos
Camera Settings For Aurora Photography – How to Take Great Northern Lights Photos

Tutorials Table Of ContentsWhat kind of camera do you need?Camera Settings For Aurora PhotographyWhat controls will you need to use?ApertureISOShutter SpeedOverexposureScenarios and Examples 1) A dim aurora barely above the horizon with no visible motion or structure? 2) Aurora in Twilight3) Fast, bright, or overhead corona4) Active and bright, but slower than coronaAdditional ThoughtsMore Examples...

Aurora Post Processing 2: Raw Therapee

Aurora Photography Tutorials As I eagerly await the release of GIMP 2.10 that will support both 16 and 32 bit color depth, I figured it's a fine time to continue what I started with aurora post processing 1: white balance and noise and give a more in depth tutorial on processing digital aurora images (using...

Aurora Post Processing 1: White Balance and Noise using UFRAW

(For more in-depth editing, check out the second installment: Aurora Post Processing 2: Raw Therapee) - These posts are a bit outdated, using old versions of this software, but the information is still relevant. I'll have updates soon - Subscribe to the weekly newsletter at the bottom! I think a lot of people out there...

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