View from Polychrome Overlook. Denali National Park
Posted by lwpetersen | October 8, 2015
Summer – Denali National Park

I don't get to Denali National Park as often as I should, especially since I live only 2 hours away. Friend or family visits are an awesome excuse to hit...

Castner Glacier in the Alaska Range
Posted by lwpetersen | September 5, 2015
Castner Glacier for the 4th of July

I went out for a weekend of hiking in solitude in the Alaska Range. Looking up Castner Creek into the Deltas. Black Cap is on the left, White Princess is...

Rainbow Mountain - Alaska Range
Posted by lwpetersen | June 8, 2015
Day at Rainbow Ridge

I can definitely say now that Rainbow Ridge is as steep as it looks from the road below. I drove down on Saturday, June 6 with the hope of hiking...

Aurora borealis from the Granite Tors Trail.
Posted by lwpetersen | March 28, 2015
Two nights on the Tors trail

I'm awakened in the night by a shiver. I have somehow found my way deep in my sleeping bag, sticking my nose toward the tiny cinched opening above me for...

Aurora Borealis spiral over a boreal forest
Posted by lwpetersen | March 17, 2015
Photo of the Week – “Northern Lights Spiral”

"Northern Lights Spiral" -- Photo of the week ending February 7, 2015 The northern lights in a spiral, from the display on February 1st, 2015. You can read about and...

Gorgeous golden light on the tors and surrounding hills at Angel Rocks
Posted by lwpetersen | March 17, 2015
Winter at Angel Rocks

I wanted to share some photos from a dayhike Jenn and I took this winter at Angel Rocks. I've hiked Angel Rocks in early spring, summer, and fall, and walked...

Excellent light in the early afternoon as the sun hung right over the hills behind me. We were walking through beautiful, scenic taiga for a while, but to me something seemed to stand out with these small black spruce. If you don't know it, I am a lover of these boreal forests. These 4 trees in the foreground really stood out and seemed to both frame the scene as the subject of it. You see through it the rest of the open taiga and forest all the way up the hills in the background. Simple and expansive.
Posted by lwpetersen | February 15, 2015
Photo of the Week — “4 Trees in the Light”

4 Trees in the Light" - Photo of the week ending January 31, 2015 The light was excellent in the early afternoon as the sun hung right over the hills...

Sunrise over the Tanana - Along the Richardson Highway north of Delta Junction. We were on our way from Fairbanks to the Delta Mountains - Eastern Alaska Range.
Posted by lwpetersen | February 12, 2015
Castner Creek to Castner Glacier

I don't usually start venturing into the Alaska Range until March. The temperature becomes a bit nicer, the snow is deeper and more supportive, and we have much longer days....

Northern lights over forest. Fairbanks, AK
Posted by lwpetersen | February 8, 2015
Northern Lights – February 1st, 2015

The morning of disappointing, disappearing aurora Jenn and I managed to do a bit of aurora watching in mild(er) temperatures early in the morning on February 1st. I had been...

-40 degrees in front of the UAF sign
Posted by lwpetersen | February 7, 2015
Cold, Ester Dome, Chena Lake, and Tors

One of my best friends, Jenn from New Hampshire just made her second visit to Fairbanks, this time braving the bitter winter temps in hopes of seeing the aurora. After...

Snow-clad spruce trees at sunrise. Sunrises have to be one of my favorite things about Fairbanks, next to the aurora, and the mountain range to our south. Our sparse boreal forests give nice open views of the sky too. I love seeing those subtle arctic blues behind the brilliant colors. Almost every morning in the winter is wonderful!
Posted by lwpetersen | February 1, 2015
Photo of the Week — “Spruce Ballroom”

“Spruce Ballroom” — photo of the week ending January 24, 2015 [In my "Alaska Skies" album] Snow-clad spruce trees at sunrise. Sunrises have to be one of my favorite things...

Incredible northern lights display over a snow-clad forest in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Posted by lwpetersen | January 26, 2015
Boreal Winter – Black and White, Day and Night

Welcome to the Alaska interior, welcome to the boreal forest. This is a unique biome. Coniferous trees dominate the landscape, yet stands of birch and aspen remain plentiful in many...