Another Aurora Timelapse

Posted by lwpetersen | June 14, 2012 | aurora borealis

I started re-organizing my filesystem for my photos last weekend and I stumbled upon an aurora timelapse that I had never published. As it turns out, it is also one of my favorites so far. The first frame was taken at 8:28pm and the last frame at 9:42pm, so that makes this about 1 minute of video (1:28 total) for every hour of real life. It starts out at twilight and the sky slowly becomes dark. There is a lot of space-junk flying around.

I absolutely love that I get to watch this from our front porch from late August until early April. Now, as we approach the solstice I am missing the aurora, and darkness.

It looks better in fullscreen on HD if your internet is faster than mine (and it is).

*flickr broke my videos – they are all in transfer to vimeo. Sorry!

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Hi Lee – this is wonderful and when Dave and I come again we really need to plan to be there when the Aurora is active! I particularly loved the shooting star….thanks for sharing and we are counting the days till we see you guys!
Love Sandi

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