Day after Thanksgiving Aurora

Posted by lwpetersen | November 25, 2012 | aurora borealis

The other evening we were met by green skies! Here is a time-lapse and a bunch of pictures.

Four time-lapse sequences. You may want to click on HD first.

Early in the evening the aurora materialized in the southern sky.

I began to shoot a time-lapse with the moon in the frame.

Ridiculousness ensued. Kate and I were both watching to the south. My nose got cold so I turned around to go back to the house to get something for my face. Then I saw the northern sky over our cabin and my jaw dropped!

This was definitely one of those moments that a two second exposure is way too long!

The sky was filled for tens of minutes multiple times. I’ve never seen anything like it last so long!

Even with a short shutter speed my sensor was becoming color saturated. Unfortunately at this point my sd card had filled so the camera automatically switched to jpeg mode, limiting my ability to process many of the photos. Oh well.

A cool sequence of pulsating aurora, you can see this in the video starting at 1:43.

One more shot of the cabin!

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