Holy Moly!

Posted by lwpetersen | January 14, 2011 | aurora borealis

Northern Lights

They were so freaking cool, bright, colorful, and everywhere! For about 10 minutes, then they were completely gone. I’m very happy to have stepped outside at the right moment. I ran back in to grab the camera and Kate. See, its a good thing we have an outhouse or I would have missed them completely. There were lots of reds and oranges, although I could never seem to get the camera in the right spot at the right time and they were moving way to fast. I’ve posted a few more on flickr, and I’ll probably post a few more today or over the weekend.

There’s a good chance the aurora will be out in force again tonight, so I’ll be out (probably at Murphy Dome) or exploring some new vantage points. So hopefully I’ll get some more tonight.


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