Last Aurora of the Season

Posted by lwpetersen | April 16, 2014 | aurora borealis

Aurora borealis in the still twilight sky.

Shortly after 11 pm on Friday (April 11) I walked outside to find the sky was still bright with twilight. The stars were shining, and the aurora was as bright as I’ve ever seen it in this kind of light. The moon was incredibly bright too, illuminating the few spotty clouds above, but not much to block the view. I decided to go for a walk again and take some photos. Unfortunately, the aurora didn’t hold out for long. The brightest bands soon moved far to the south, giving coastal Alaska a great showing (and even Washington, I hear). No matter, it was a pleasant evening with warm temperatures and pretty skies. This will most likely be the last night I see the northern lights until August or September since it’s already twilight through the night, and getting lighter fast!

Shortly after 11pm I walked outside to find that the still twilight sky was filled with more than just twilight.

Last night the show started while it was still twilight. As the sky became darker it was more apparent how bright the moon was - as it strongly illuminated the few clouds under the aurora.

This was the most active I saw the northern lights this evening. Too bad everything moved south after this.

Auroral band to the south, squished between the bright moon and Fairbanks city lights.

Wonderful boreal forest under the aurora borealis!

Everything on the ground was brightly lit by the moon and the sky was filled with the northern lights.

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