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On the morning of October 30 I woke up and went outside to use the outhouse, like everyone does in the morning, and the sky was pulsing green. Pulsating aurora frequently happens after an evening of a high activity, so I knew I missed a good show that night. I grabbed my camera anyway and took a few still images. The pulsation frequency was about 5 seconds, so it shows more as a flicker in this sped-up version.

Since you can’t see the pulsations in the still images I set up the camera for a time-lapse for a few minutes. My YouTube has some more aurora time-lapses on it too, check them out!


Here is a portion of an time-lapse of pulsating aurora from last year with closer to a 30 second pulse (starts at 1:45).

This time-lapse was done with 1 second exposures and 2 second intervals. The video is 14 fps so each second in the video is roughly 30 seconds in real time.

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