Three pictures from this morning

Posted by lwpetersen | February 13, 2012 | aurora borealis

This morning I woke up a little after 6am, went out to the outhouse, and noticed something unusual for these morning hours . . . the sky was green! Finally I had a chance to take some aurora pictures with the D7000. After looking through these shots I can see that this one little camera has single-handedly eliminated most of the noise issue I had shooting the aurora with the D90.

At home under the northern lights
Our little dry cabin, warm and cozy under the northern lights.

The aurora itself wasn’t too spectacular. Actually it was quite diffuse and dim. However, it was directly overhead which is always nice. How often do you get to see the aurora from your outhouse?

A few curtains in a diffuse sky
The morning view from our front deck.

The view from our driveway, looking west.

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Quite spectacular!

Lee takes the most amazing photographs. I show them to people often!

WOW!! So beautiful!

I really need time to sift through your work Lee…..fantastic!

He does take really nice shots and when you have Alaska as a background….how can you go wrong? Beautiful.

Missy Brewer – I've said before that if you threw a camera at a tree in Denali at the end of August that it would probably produce at least 3 great pictures. 🙂

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