Aurora Borealis – September 26, 2014

Posted by lwpetersen | October 30, 2014 | aurora borealis, photo-blog
Some bands started to break away. The aurora was incredibly active, it's almost too bad it wasn't darker outside.

Aurora in twilight – gallery | prints

I love eating dinner, then walking out our door to sights like this. Any night I don’t have to stay up until 4 am to watch the northern lights is a good night (I am very much a morning person). Since the activity was looking great, after I took a few shots around the cabin I drove out to Smith Lake. After parking the car I saw a bright band with shimmering pinks on the underside. I ran. It was fading.

The trail to the lake was completely flooded; it never dried up after all the rain this summer. My boots leaked and my feet were soaked and socks saturated in minutes. By the time I finally made it to the lake the bright band had faded. The whole sky was filled with a diffuse green and a band on the horizon looked like it might act up again, so I waited with cold feet for an hour.

Northern lights over Smith Lake in Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora borealis over Smith Lake – gallery | prints

It turns out that my feet didn’t get any warmer standing out there in the ice-covered water so I packed up and headed home. We definitely had some good shows in September!

Smith Lake - Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora over Smith Lake in Fairbanks – gallery | prints

The full aurora borealis photo-set from the evening can be found here:

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