Back to The Grind . . . Sort of

Posted by lwpetersen | January 5, 2011 | photo-blog

Today Kate had to go back to work. So, with little else to do I shuffled my feet back to the office to start writing some lesson plans for next semester. I have about two weeks before classes start, I think. The morning was productive, but I trailed off in the afternoon. Went outside to take some pictures in the eerie light. The light diffusing from the clouds above lit up the north side of the Alaska Range (58 miles away) so I took this shot of the airport.

Fairbanks International Airport

The weather has turned gross again. Delta reported temperatures in the +50’s F over the weekend. We’ve seen the +40’s a couple of times and now it’s raining and sleeting a little. The culprit is a chinook that’s pushing back our cold arctic air. I hate cold rain. It is the only weather that I hate.


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