Elliot Highway

Posted by lwpetersen | October 4, 2010 | photo-blog


Kate and I took a drive up the Elliott Highway today. It starts in Fox, just north of Fairbanks and ends at the Manley Hot Springs after crossing the famous Dalton Highway. I had hoped that we would make it to the Dalton, but the road got a little too icy at around mile 50. It was beautiful anyway. We saw the White Mountains for the first time and are already getting excited to go snowshoeing and/or skiing there in the winter/spring. I’ve posted most of the pictures on flickr. I started a set called “This is Alaska!”. That’s where most of my photos will be posted from now on. There’s another set of “Lee and Kate in Alaska!” If you want to see how grizzled I’m getting.


The drive was also a reminder of how remote it really is out here. Fairbanks is big enough that it is easy to forget we are really out in the middle of nowhere, and really, really far north. The black ice on the road even though it was 50 [deg F] out was a good reminder of the fact that we are only a couple degrees south of the Arctic Circle.


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