Fairbanks in Black and White

Panorama of the new Polaris sculpture and Immaculate Conception Church and the downtown Fairbanks "skyline". Nice warm light in the early afternoon.


From October until April we live in a mostly monochromatic world. The sky makes some pretty dramatic colors at sunrise and sunset, but in the middle of the day (for all 3 hours of it) there’s not much to look at except for snow and whatever happens to stick out of the snow. By the end of winter, even the spruce trees turn a dullish brown-gray.

I thought it would be fitting (and maybe fun) to go out and shoot the city of Fairbanks in black and white. So, after spending 14 hours in the laundromat washing and folding clothes (or 2 hours depending on who’s counting) I drove into town to take a walk with my camera.

Graffiti on the vacant and deteriorating Polaris building in downtown Fairbanks.

Panorama of the First Unknown Family statue in Golden Heart Park.

Lacey St. Theatre, now an ice museum on 2nd and Lacey. Fairbanks, Alaska

On First Ave - Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska

I have more photos (including many of the color versions) from this day in a gallery here: Downtown Fairbanks in Autumn

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