10,. . . 9, . . . 8, . . . 7, . . .

Posted by lwpetersen | November 16, 2010 | Fairbanks

. . . 6, . . .
It’s a countdown alright, just like New Years except we’re not counting down time, but degrees fahrenheit.

This is kind of exciting. It’s about to be 30 degrees colder than the coldest day we’ve had yet. It seems like every few hours the temperature forecast gets lower. Now, the high tomorrow will be -7 while the low is somewhere between -25 and -35. Woo, woo. Then we’re supposed to get more snow on Wednesday and Thursday.

It’s a veritable freaking winter wonderland.

Time to plug in the car.

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Wow! I hope you have a snow shovel! Stay warm. I love you. Mom XO

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