It’s midnight Sun time again

Posted by lwpetersen | May 31, 2013 | Fairbanks

It’s that time of year again that the Sun sets in that Alaska summer way, in the morning. Last night was the first night of the season the Sun didn’t set. We will have over 20 hours of daylight until July 15th. Also, I was outside working on my bike and when I looked up there was a double rainbow in the sky! A few minutes later it started to pour, which is nice considering it’s been really hot and dry all week.


There’s a bit of dishonesty in the framing of this image, because this is what I was actually looking at:


It was a gorgeous morning anyway.


Maybe by the time we leave this house I will be able to compile a picture book entirely of our outhouse.

Of Course There Is A Bison In The Outhouse

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