The end of autumn

Posted by lwpetersen | September 17, 2013 | outdoors

Autumn was a little weird in the interior this year. The colors have been much muted compared to the last few years, which I’d guess has something to do with the really hot summer we just had. Many of the birch trees are just turning straight to brown. Some of the trees haven’t even started to change yet while others have already shed all their leaves. It seems the hills haven’t even peaked yet and autumn is all over in the valleys. It still isn’t difficult to find amazing color, it’s just not as widespread.

Kate, Moose, and I had a really nice weekend, mostly getting errands and chores done so we are ready for winter. The house is starting to feel nice, summer clothes are put away, all the quilts and comforters are out. We even got to spend some time outside to enjoy the cool air. It’s been a bit rainy, but not to persistent. Now we have snow in the immediate forecast and it’s time to start thinking about things like getting the snowtires put on the car or planning a vacation to Hawaii.

Since the official “autumn” here is really the beginning of winter I’ve created a “fall foliage” set on flickr for 2013. Here are a few of my favorites from the Fairbanks area the last few days.
The birch trees changing at Ballaine Lake on a rainy morning

Red, yellow, and orange fill in the gaps between the spruce trees

The rain cleared around noon on Saturday. Our street was pretty.

It must have been a good year for mushrooms, because they are everywhere!

Up above the Goldstream Valley in the aspen and birch forests . . .



More on the trails around campus and Smith Lake . . .


There was quite a bit of frozen water in the pools around Smith Lake in the morning.


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