Ok, fine, don’t light up the night . . . hmph

Posted by lwpetersen | March 8, 2012 | outdoors

Awaiting the geomagnetic storm of the century we were supposed to have last night, frustration began before the Sun even went down. Apparently the aurora has been pretty good for most of the week, but Fairbanks has been busy getting dumped on with snow. It looks like we got about twenty fresh inches at the house over the last few days, but it’s starting to compress a bit now. Last night the sky was filled with clouds once again. Although, creating a little false sense of hope, there were little holes poked in the clouds where the stars could shine through. I set up the camera for time-lapse, hoping that something would happen. It didn’t. I thought that the time-lapse was pretty cool anyway — moonlit clouds going by (actually there is a moment of aurora, but it’s really hard to see since it’s only in about 5 frames total).

There was some really cool light as the moon poked through the clouds:
The backyard, now filled with waist-deep snow.


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