Sunrises and rainy day walks

Posted by lwpetersen | September 30, 2013 | outdoors

The color in the sky before we got to UAF on Friday was spectacular. It faded quickly as the Sun broke over the horizon. I just barely managed to get a few shots around IARC and the parking lot for the trails before all the golden and pink light was gone.

Rain crept in slowly on Saturday. I barely managed to change the oil in the car before it started drizzling. Kate and I took the dog for a walk at Creamer’s Field. It’s crazy that we’ve never taken him there when it’s so close. The trails actually border the trails to our house, but most of the year it would more wading in knee-deep swamp than walking.

The dog was happy. Actually the dog was ecstatic. You would think he had never been anywhere before this day.

Most of the leaves in the valley have either turned brown or fallen by now, but there’s still a little color in the trees and on the ground.

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