To Do in Fairbanks 4: World Ice Art Championships

Posted by lwpetersen | April 12, 2011 | Things to do in Fairbanks

I briefly wrote about this event earlier, but as I have uploaded nearly of all of my pictures from the 2011 championships I felt that a new post was necessary. Also, the event needs your help if it is to have a future (read on below).


If you happen to visit Fairbanks during late February or most of March, you absolutely must visit the World Ice Art Championships. For 2012 this is tentatively scheduled to be February 21st through March 25th. The multi-block sculptures usually come about 1 week after the start and they start collapsing (weather dependent) pretty quick, so early March is probably the best time.

FaceThere are currently issues with the venue, and it may close down for good. Ice Alaska has info on their website about what is going on, and who you can contact to help not let this event fade away!

The pictures speak for themselves, and if you have kids this is probably one of the coolest things they could witness and play on. The artwork is amazing, with contributing artists from all over the world. It takes a few hours at least to see all the sculptures and the multi-block works are huge!

People come together from all over the world to create these gorgeous things that only last for weeks. No one will ever see the same sculptures again in following years. You don’t get more original than that.

Here are my recommendations:

(1) Dress Warm: You will stand for a while, and walk slowly. This is Alaska; it is cold here.

(2) Visit at night: You have to be here when the sky is dark to get the full effect from the lights on the ice.

(3) Bring a shabby old sled: You will want it for the slides in the kids park. If you are an adult, you will probably want it more than if you are a kid. Later you can drag your kids around on it.

(4) Bring a little cash: for hot chocolate, cotton candy, and snacks.

Jason Sliding

Big kids like slides too. Jason hits the super-fast killer ice slide.

I will soon have all my pictures from 2011 in my flickr set, or you can look through the thumbnails below.

Dali Ice Dance Shoveling the Slide World Ice Art Championship Windsurf Ice Ice Leopard
World Upside Down in an Orb of Ice Ice Slide at Night Lion Chasing the Cat

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