Unseasonably Warm Temperatures, Domes and Dog Mushing

Posted by lwpetersen | January 3, 2011 | Fairbanks

I have become very preoccupied with my new camera. It arrived a few days ago and it has been hard to put down. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from the last couple days, but first some updates:

It is a new year so I have stopped posting to my December and Friends set on flickr. Thanks to everyone who visited! It had a lot of views which just makes me want to go out and take more pictures!

Good grief it is warm. NOAA reported that last night, at 3am, the airport reached 41° F. That’s 41 above 0. This ties a record high set in 1937. I saw three people today out running in shorts. The windshield we had replaced this fall is now leaking. I can’t wait to spend more time getting this fixed.

I went out to take pictures because there was really pretty light this morning before sunrise. I ended up at the top of Ester Dome, one of the domes I haven’t been to the top of yet (funny, it’s the closest one to town). Here is about 270&deg in four pictures:

Tanana Valley from Ester Dome
Tanana valley from the summit of Ester Dome (looking South). Really pretty.

Murphy Dome
Looking north-west at Murphy Dome from Ester Dome.

White Mountains
Looking toward the White Mountains and Chena hills from the summit of Ester Dome (Looking East).

Sunrise over Fairbanks
Oh yeah, the Sun rose this morning. Took pictures from UAF.

After I got home I heard a loudspeaker from the house and realized there was a race at the mushing hall down the road. We drove over so we wouldn’t miss it and watched the last four teams (out of 11) coming in. Dog mushing looks really fun.

Afternoon Light at the Race
The dogs all looked pretty hot as they came in. Probably because it’s so hot.

Finishing the Race
Did you know Alaska is pretty?

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