Yesterday Liquids Fell From the Sky

Posted by lwpetersen | April 28, 2011 | Fairbanks

The first rain of 2011 in Fairbanks fell yesterday and today, confusing and astounding me. A few days before Thanksgiving we had a freak rainstorm, but it’s been all solid precipitation since then. Time to remove the snow tires!

Afternoon Showers

Afternoon clouds and showers. First non-frozen precipitation of the season for Fairbanks: April 25th 2011. Great cloud formations obscuring the Sun just enough.

Airport, Butte, Alaska Range

Dark clouds over Fairbanks, but from one butte we can see another to the South lit up nicely from the Sun. The Alaska Range hangs out in the background about 80 miles away, looming a little higher than the cloud-cover. Fairbanks International Airport is in the foreground. I had just missed by seconds a flock of cranes in this frame.

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