Good Morning

Posted by lwpetersen | October 9, 2010 | photo-blog

At 7:40 am this morning there was no sun. Dawn had begun about 40 minutes earlier and now while I am writing this at 8:01 am it is still dawn. The Sun won’t rise for another 24 minutes at 8:25 am and even then it won’t shine down on Fairbanks from over the eastern hills for a few minutes after that.


Between September 25th and 26th we began having less daylight than central New Hampshire. Now, two weeks later, we are almost an hour behind. In 12 days the length of our day will be shorter than winter solstice in NH. Two days after that we will have less daylight than St. Paul, MN on the winter solstice. We continue to lose about 6 minutes per day until Dec. 21.

On that day we will have 3 hrs and 41 minutes of daylight. The Sun will be lower than most of our treetops, so we will only see glimpses of it through the trees at our house. Go outside and look at the horizon. Hold your thumb up in the air with the base of it at the horizon (with your arm extended). The tip of your thumb will be about the height of the sun on a Fairbanks Solstice.

Stay warm folks.

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