Happy Solstice!

Posted by lwpetersen | December 22, 2010 | photo-blog

Denali and Tanana River
The Tanana Valley and Denali just after the Solstice sunset. This was our shortest day of the year at 3 hours 41 minutes 22 seconds. Today will be 9 seconds longer, and in a about three weeks we’ll be gaining 6 minutes a day.

My schoolwork is finally all submitted and the semester is officially over. Kate’s parents have been here for about a week and are heading home tonight. It’s been a busy week. We had a lot of good food and spent a lot of time driving around the interior looking for pretty vistas and wildlife. Unfortunately, we saw no moose. How, how can anyone be in Alaska for a week and not see a moose? Kate and I saw three, two after dropping her parents off, and one going to pick them up. Ridiculous.

We did see a wolf on the Salcha river that had a fresh kill. It was really cool. Sorry, no pictures. We also saw a lot of ice; first at Christmas on Ice in North Pole and then in the year-round ice museum at Chena Hot Springs.

Dave, Sandi and Kate in North Pole at the Christmas on Ice carving extravaganza. It was a little uncomfortable it was so cold. But, we had fun anyway.

Christmas shopping happened all over the city. Dave and I drove up to Murphy Dome, where it was 7 degrees F above zero (it hasn’t been above zero in Fairbanks in 18 days), but the wind was blowing very hard, so it wasn’t really noticeable.

Alaska Range from Murphy Dome
Alaska Range viewed from Murphy Dome. All pictures are in flickr.

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