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It’s been so long since we’ve had a good auroral display that now I’m getting antsy. Supposedly a solar windstream from a coronal hole was going to hit us yesterday, then today, now the 7th. But, it’s supposed to snow this week! *Hands thrown up into air*. It’s hard to see the aurora when it’s snowing and cloudy.

It’s clear tonight though, so the obvious solution is to drag Kate out to Murphy Dome and trudge out in knee (waist) deep snow to try to take some pictures. Well, the northern lights were out (they almost always are there). It was pretty dim, but still fun to watch.

Here are some of the pictures (click to view them in flickr):

Orion and Radar
Orion hovering over the radar tower. You have to turn around to see the northern lights.

Lights Meet
There they are.

Aurora Flicker
Here they are doing that little flicker/shimmer thing that is so cool

Ursa Major and Aurora
And here they are again, posing with the big dipper.

I saw four moose today!

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