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Today I launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for this website – the hiking and travel guide and tutorials. I won’t bore you with the details – you can read all about it on the Indiegogo page here.

I’m primarily trying to raise funds for website hosting fees and equipment costs. Please consider contributing if you frequently use this site, I greatly appreciate anything I can get! It’s a huge time commitment for me and hosting is pretty expensive, especially paying monthly. The hosting discounts for 3 years are deeply discounted from the monthly rate, but it’s a lot out of pocket. After those expenses are taken care of, I can start focusing on GPS and photography equipment upgrades and replacements that are needing to happen soon. Thank you!

No worries if you can’t contribute, but if you don’t mind, please share the campaign with others! Word of mouth goes a long way.

One of the perks I’m offering for contributions are acrylic metal prints. I just had my first one delivered a couple of weeks ago and it looks awesome!

The face is 1/4″ non-glare acrylic. The backing is an aluminum composite and it has a french cleat mounting system that floats the print 3/4″ off the wall. The detail and color are kind of stunning. The acrylic gives the image depth that you don’t get with paper prints or metals.

The aluminum composite backing and french cleat
Our dog, Tut, inspecting the acrylic thickness

The hiking selfie videos were taken on a trip to the Granite Tors a few years ago. I had taken two weeks off of work to photograph fall foliage around the state. On the first day it dumped snow on me in Denali National Park. It continued to rain every day. That was the one day it wasn’t supposed to rain all day and I had my hope crushed. Especially since all my gear and clothes were already soaked. Overall, it was still an awesome time.

Again, thank you for your time and any contributions! Indiegogo: Our Alaska

This site needs your help!

I'm currently trying to raise money to secure hosting and other website fees for the next 3 years. If you didn't know, this website is a one-man show and it's a lot of work and money to put together. I want to keep churning out new content and guides and keep everything free, but it would be incredibly helpful and mean a lot if you could make a contribution to keep it going. Even if you can't contribute, sharing posts or the Indiegogo campaign on social media will help make a big impact. Thank you!

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