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It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my portfolio. It’s time that I slim it down to make room for new photos! It’s also been a few years since I’ve run a contest. So let’s do both.

I’m going to give away a 12″x18″ float metal print. Which print is up to you! Sorry, but only entries from US residents will be valid (need a valid United States shipping address to win the print). Here’s a sample image that shows a float metal with a video that shows the backing and hanging system: Darner Float Metal. The contest closes on April 24th at 11:59 pm Alaska Time.

There are 3 ways to enter the contest, and you can enter all 3. The first will also help select what photo is printed for the contest.

  1. Head to my portfolio page: https://photos.lwpetersen.com/Portfolio-Images/ and share your favorite(s) on Facebook. Be sure to tag or mention my Facebook page Lee Petersen Photography and make sure that the post is public, or I won’t be able to see the post! You can share multiple photos, but it will only count toward one entry. Watch the video below to see how to share. Feel free to send me a message after to confirm that your name is entered! Whichever photo has the most views and or likes and shares will be selected for the winning print!
  1. Subscribe to my mailing list. I don’t send out many e-mails, so I’m not going to clutter your inbox. At the very most it’s once a week, but usually more like every 1-2 months. If you are already signed up, you don’t have to sign up again. Everyone signed up gets one entry. Be sure to check the confirmation e-mail after signing up!

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  1. The last way you can enter is by sharing any of my Alaska Guide Pages on Facebook. Just like with the photo-sharing entry, make sure the post is public and that you tag my Facebook page, Lee Petersen Photography. This isn’t just limited to the guide, you can also share articles from my Aurora Borealis Guides, Wildflowers, or my new Science pages!

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