The Trip (continued), Day 5

Posted by lwpetersen | August 29, 2010 | photo-blog

Edmonton, Alberta to Fort Nelson, British Columbia

Today we drove through land that reminds me very much of eastern Montana or Wyoming. There are very dry, rolling, slightly rocky hills and very few towns. The main difference is that when you get out of the car it is 70&#0176 F not 110.


Then in Dawson Creek, B.C. we hit the Alaska Highway. A couple hours later the Alaska Highway hit us back as I said in an earlier post. A few hours into the Alaska Highway the landscape changes again to black and white pine forest and the hills get a little bigger as we go.

Fort Nelson is mostly one main street. It kind of has the feel of Riverton, WY for the two other people who have been there. Kate and I have noticed that in this part of Canada, they really just call things exactly what they are. There‚Äôs no creative naming or playing with words. Our favorite was the amusement park, “Waterfalls and Dinosaurs!” I cannot describe how much I want to go there.

If you come here, prepare for high gas prices. When we left New Hampshire, gas was $2.59/gallon. In Fort Nelson we paid $1.21/liter or $4.84/gallon.

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