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The house is slowly emptying; boxes are piling up.  The morning air has finally cooled; ragweed allergies are atrocious.  Wednesday August 11th is falling on us like a rock.

Kate and I were married on July 2nd of this year, a three day long festival that was probably the most memorable event in my life.  However, on the fifth day of July the party ended and we had to return to reality.  Since then, this hasn’t really been a fun summer.  Besides going to Rangely, ME for a day there hasn’t been a break.  Moving to Alaska is hard work.  Kate and I will be leaving our home in Dover, NH early in the morning on August 11th.  We’ve had to sell off most of what we own.  A few furniture items will be stored at her parents house, a few things will be going in our new car, a few things will be shipped to our new Dry Cabin in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I’m really excited to get there and take and post many, many pictures of the place.  Yet, I’m getting really tired about the moving.  I’m at the point where everything is packed that I really want, can’t I just throw the rest in a pile and have a going-away bonfire?

No, that’s not environmentally conscious or legal in Dover.  I checked.  Somehow in the next four days we must finish packing, say so-long to friends and family, finish my paper on the detection of interstellar neutral neon (my last hoorah with UNH and the culmination of my last two years of research there), get the cat in the car, and drive for eight days.

Oh yeah, did I mention we’re driving with a cat?

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