Castner Glacier in the Alaska Range
Posted by lwpetersen | September 5, 2015
Castner Glacier for the 4th of July

I went out for a weekend of hiking in solitude in the Alaska Range. Looking up Castner Creek into the Deltas. Black Cap is on the left, White Princess is...

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Sunrise over the Tanana - Along the Richardson Highway north of Delta Junction. We were on our way from Fairbanks to the Delta Mountains - Eastern Alaska Range.
Posted by lwpetersen | February 12, 2015
Castner Creek to Castner Glacier

I don't usually start venturing into the Alaska Range until March. The temperature becomes a bit nicer, the snow is deeper and more supportive, and we have much longer days....

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Crossing a stream on the Canwell Glacier
Posted by lwpetersen | October 31, 2014
Exploring the Canwell Glacier

I have a new Quick Guide to hiking in this area! A water carved canyon along a lateral moraine on the Canwell Glacier - gallery | prints Living as close...

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Posted by lwpetersen | July 2, 2014
Black Rapids Glacier: Summer 2014

Our pilot, Matt in the R44 helicopter taking off on the moraine on the Black Rapids Glacier that will be our campsite for the next 15 days. The theme of...

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Posted by lwpetersen | March 15, 2014
Weekend Getaway

It's been a really long time since Kate and I have had a moment to ourselves. Between school, work, schoolwork, field work, travel, trying to keep a clean dry cabin,...

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Posted by lwpetersen | September 8, 2013
Black Rapids Glacier: September 2013

I spent two days doing field work on the Black Rapids Glacier in the Alaska Range. Since I was using helicopter support to wrap up equipment for the season there...

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Posted by lwpetersen | September 7, 2013
Some videos from Black Rapids

This is the first 9.5 minutes of the flight in to the Black Rapids Glacier. Kind of boring and bumpy, but some people might like it. I think video does...

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Posted by lwpetersen | August 28, 2013
Black Rapids Glacier: July 24-July 5 2013 | Days 7-12

(continuing from Days 2-6) After a kind of lazy Sunday where we mostly hung around camp to throw the cover on the theodolite whenever it really started to rain, it...

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Posted by lwpetersen | July 20, 2013
Black Rapids Glacier: June 24-July 5 2013 | Days 2-6

With all the gear on top of the moraine, the theodolite and radar running more or less continuously, we spent the next day placing all the reflectors for the theodolite...

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Posted by lwpetersen | July 14, 2013
Day on the Richardson and hike over Canwell Glacier

Our dog, Moose hiking on the jeep trail above the Canwell Glacier. Kate, Moose, and I drove down the Richardson hike out by the Canwell Glacier. This was Moose's first...

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