Hiker descending the Savage Alpine Trail to the Savage River in Denali National Park in winter.
Posted by lwpetersen | July 11, 2019
Winter Hiking in Denali National Park

Winter is my favorite season in Denali National Park. It is empty. I rarely run into anyone, and when I do it might be a quick passing in the parking...

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Aurora at Angel Rocks
Posted by lwpetersen | February 2, 2017
Yikes . . . Has it really been this long?! Part 1: Spring in Alaska

It sure doesn't feel like it, but it's been over a year since I've published a blog-post. I've still been writing, editing, and updating, but not publishing new things. I've...

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View from Polychrome Overlook. Denali National Park
Posted by lwpetersen | October 8, 2015
Summer – Denali National Park

I don't get to Denali National Park as often as I should, especially since I live only 2 hours away. Friend or family visits are an awesome excuse to hit...

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Posted by lwpetersen | October 21, 2014
Hiking the Thoro Ridge

This is the view to the north and east from the Thoro Ridge, a bit west of the Alpine Trail near the Eielson Visitor Center. This summer I went hiking...

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Posted by lwpetersen | April 21, 2014
Easter Sunday in Denali National Park

It's already getting difficult to get to places far from home by sunrise. The Sun is now rising before 6 am and setting just before 10 pm while we gain...

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Posted by lwpetersen | March 31, 2014
Early spring hike in Denali National Park

My self portrait with Denali I left Fairbanks at 5 am and drove down the Parks Highway on the last day of March. In the roughly 125 mile drive I...

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Posted by lwpetersen | June 19, 2012
Some weekend pictures

Kate and I had a relaxing, late-spring weekend. It's almost summer now, and the days are really long. I cope with the light, and I sleep, but unfortunately I don't...

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Posted by lwpetersen | June 13, 2012
Beautiful weather in Fairbanks, overcast and rainy in Denali NP

Click for the full gallery or to purchase prints | follow on facebook On Monday we drove some friends of a friend down to Denali National Park where they will...

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Posted by lwpetersen | April 11, 2012
Spring skiing in Denali National Park

Double Mountain in the foreground, Denali in the background. On Sunday the weather was fantastic,unbelievably fantastic, perfect, and gorgeous. My friend Sam and I drove down to Denali National Park...

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Posted by lwpetersen | September 7, 2011
Oops, we went to Denali again

More photos and prints available in the gallery here It's getting harder to stay away because the park is so incredibly awesome. Of course, September is here which means its...

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