Posted by lwpetersen | September 30, 2013
Sunrises and rainy day walks

The color in the sky before we got to UAF on Friday was spectacular. It faded quickly as the Sun broke over the horizon. I just barely managed to get...

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Posted by lwpetersen | August 31, 2013
The end of summer

It's nearing the end of summer; the leaves have just begun to change. Daylight is quickly disappearing with every day shortened by nearly seven minutes. The night is starting to...

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Posted by lwpetersen | August 31, 2011
Wandering through the Alaska Range

(The whole photo set from this post with full-size images is in the gallery here.) Last Friday I woke up early in the morning, there was a crescent moon in...

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Posted by lwpetersen | October 21, 2010
Yesterday: Sunrise to Sunset

Yesterday the Sun rose at 9:00 am Alaska time. Every day here is a totally new play on the lighting over the Tanana Valley and the Alaska Range. Yesterday was...

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