Capitate valerian wildflower in bloom, also known as sharpleaf valerian or Valeriana capitata
Posted by Lee Petersen | July 10, 2020
Capitate valerian – Valeriana capitata

The flowering head of Capitate valerian is typically 2-3 cm wide. The budding inflorescence is purple, and the flowers on the blooming inflorescence are tubular, white or slightly pink

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Yellow flowers of labrador lousewort taken in Nome Creek, Alaska.
Posted by Lee Petersen | June 17, 2020
Labrador Lousewort – Pedicularis labradorica

Labrador lousewort is a 5-15 inch partially parasitic plant with an inflorescence of yellow flowers. Native to Alaska, Canada and Greenland it grows in bogs and tundra.

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Arctic Primrose – Primula eximia
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 19, 2020
Arctic Primrose – Primula eximia

The Arctic primrose tends to live in very wet soil and stream beds. It grows to be about 10-12 cm tall. It has 5 lobed pink or purple-pink petals.

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