Sunrise over a snow-covered boreal forest after 11 am in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Posted by lwpetersen | December 8, 2014
December sky and snow – 2014

Early last week I took a photo-walk downtown, shortly after we finally had our first significant snowfall. There has been some snow on the ground since early October, but things...

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Posted by lwpetersen | March 1, 2014
January skies and amazing color

The light in winter time can be quite spectacular in the interior of Alaska, day and night. There is little daylight, and the Sun rises and sets at a shallow...

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Posted by lwpetersen | March 1, 2012
Another time-lapse; Welcome March!

Purchase Prints or License | A still from the time-lapse below. It was a really good start to the month! At 12:30am I was editing the previous time-lapse and I...

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Posted by lwpetersen | February 20, 2012
I . . . am an idiot, but look how cool this is!

The aurora came out incredibly early, shining brightly in the twilight sky directly overhead. This night was one of the most incredibly gorgeous aurora displays I've seen yet. You should...

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Posted by lwpetersen | February 15, 2012
Happy Valentine’s Day Aurora!

Valentine's Day is over and in standard form, I am sick. After a day of deteriorating health, Kate has talked me into staying at home today. Since I'm coughing, sneezing,...

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Posted by lwpetersen | January 10, 2012
Bright Nights

Bright moon at night in Fairbanks, Alaska. A slight moondog comes into view in the upper right. It seems like all we see lately is the moon. We recently passed...

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Posted by lwpetersen | October 21, 2010
Yesterday: Sunrise to Sunset

Yesterday the Sun rose at 9:00 am Alaska time. Every day here is a totally new play on the lighting over the Tanana Valley and the Alaska Range. Yesterday was...

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