Little islands of moss covered forest floor appear in the snow. Spring in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Posted by lwpetersen | April 8, 2019
Photo of the Week – “Spring is Here”

"Spring is Here" - Photo of the week ending March 31, 2019 We are entering the grossest season of the year here in Fairbanks. The snow is melting and what...

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Posted by lwpetersen | June 6, 2014
Spring marches on

Since it's been a while since I last posted and next week I'll be leaving for field work on the Black Rapids Glacier for two weeks, I thought I should...

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Posted by lwpetersen | April 26, 2014
Welcoming Spring in Fairbanks

An absolutely gorgeous day on Smith Lake. If you have a big monitor it's worth clicking on this to view in lightbox. Small screens won't do this panorama justice. The...

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Posted by lwpetersen | March 31, 2014
Early spring hike in Denali National Park

My self portrait with Denali I left Fairbanks at 5 am and drove down the Parks Highway on the last day of March. In the roughly 125 mile drive I...

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Posted by lwpetersen | May 29, 2013
Spring happened?

The brutally long winter came to an end this week. Alaska presented us with the (standard) slap in the face season change. May 17th and 18th it snowed at our...

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