Posted by lwpetersen | November 4, 2013
Autumn light in the interior

One day you wake up and realize it's already a few days into November. What happened? It's really sad because there's not a lot to do outside right now. There's...

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Posted by lwpetersen | October 3, 2013
Evening stroll at UAF | October 2, 2013

Kate, Moose, and I took another long walk, this time on the UAF trails. It won't be long before most of the trails are closed for skiing only, so we're...

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Posted by lwpetersen | November 3, 2010
A Day of Firsts

Today I voted for the first time in the state of Alaska. Also, today our brand new car broke something fierce. Today was my first witnessed continuous sunrise/sunset. While Kate...

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Posted by lwpetersen | October 21, 2010
Yesterday: Sunrise to Sunset

Yesterday the Sun rose at 9:00 am Alaska time. Every day here is a totally new play on the lighting over the Tanana Valley and the Alaska Range. Yesterday was...

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